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Here you will find all of the links to past sew alongs, helpful tutorials, and lots of finished projects from our sewing patterns for inspiration.

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Alma Blouse | Belcarra Blouse | Cambie Dress | Cordova Jacket | Crescent Skirt

Gabriola Skirt | Granville Shirt | Hollyburn Skirt | Lonsdale Dress | Minoru Jacket

Pendrell Blouse | Renfrew Top | Robson Coat | Saltspring Dress | Thurlow Trousers

Tofino Pants | Yaletown Dress & Blouse

Alma Blouse: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

Introducing the next pattern…the Alma Blouse!
Adding Topstitching to the Alma Blouse Neckline
Alma Blouse: A Trick to Sewing the Tie Belt
Bird and Flower Alma Blouse
Karen’s Alma Blouse
Lauren’s Alma Blouse
Debbie’s Alma Blouse
Marie’s Alma Blouse
Mika’s Alma Blouse

Belcarra Blouse: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials


Cambie Dress: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

Introducing the next pattern…the Cambie Dress!
Slightly Less Sweet: Cambie Dress with a Straight Neckline
The Slightly Less Sweet Cambie Dress, Finished!
Sewing the Lining into the Cambie Dress
Sewing the Cambie Dress Straps
A Reversible Cambie Dress!
A Hand-Picked Zipper in the Cambie Dress
Cambie Dress Modification: Adding a Button Front Closure
Autumn Cambie: Sewing Ugly Fabric Into Something Pretty
Mary’s Cambie Dress
Doortje’s Cambie Dress
Laura Mae’s Cambie Dress
Molly’s Cambie Dress
Susan’s Cambie Dress
Cambie Dress by Scruffy Badger
Cambie Dress in Vivid Printed Linen
Becca’s Cambie Wedding Dress
A Cambie Wedding Dress!

Cordova Jacket: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

Introducing the next pattern…the Cordova Jacket!
Cordova Jacket, Inside Out
Cordova Jacket in Linen
Samantha’s Cordova Jacket
Trisha’s Cordova Jacket: With Leather Panels!


Crescent Skirt: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

Crescent Skirt
Presenting the next pattern… the Crescent Skirt!
Crescent Sew-Along: Let’s Do it!
Crescent Sew-Along #1: Q&A and Schedule
Crescent Sew-Along #2: Choosing Your Fabric
Crescent Sew-Along #3: My Fabric Choice
Crescent Sew-Along #4: Ready, Set, Prepare!
Crescent Sew-Along #5: Supply List & Let’s Get Started!
Crescent Sew-Along #6: Making the Muslin, Part 1
Crescent Sew-Along #7: Muslin Part 2 and Gathering Tips
Crescent Sew-Along #8: Grading It Up
Crescent Sew-Along #9: Fitting the Muslin
Crescent Sew-Along #10: A Pre-Sewing Checklist
Crescent Sew-Along #11: Fusible Interfacing Tips
Crescent Sew-Along #12: Sewing Slash Pockets
Crescent Sew-Along #13: How to Reinforce Centre Front
Crescent Sew-Along #14: Gathering!
Crescent Sew-Along #15: Sewing French Seams
Crescent Sew-Along #16: Sewing the Waistband and Waistband Facing
Crescent Sew-Along #17: Trim Ideas for the Waistband
Crescent Sew-Along #18: Attaching the Waistband
Crescent Sew-Along #19: Adding a Lining
Crescent Sew-Along #20: Sewing the Zipper to the Facing
Crescent Sew-Along #21: Sewing the Zipper
Crescent Sew-Along #22: Understitching, Topstitching and Ditch-Stitching
Crescent Sew-Along #23: A Skirt Hem with Seam Binding
Crescent Sew-Along: My Finished Skirt!
Crescent Skirts by You!

Gabriola Skirt: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

Introducing the next pattern… the Gabriola Skirt!
Gabriola Skirt: Join us for the Sew-Along!
Gabriola Skirt: Styling Inspiration
Gabriola Sew-Along: Let’s Talk Fabric and Supplies!
Sewing the Gabriola Skirt in Striped Fabric
Gabriola Skirt Inspiration: Kate Middleton’s Lace Dress
Gabriola Skirt: Grading Between Sizes
Gabriola Sew-Along #1: Waistband and Yokes
Gabriola Sew-Along #2: Assembling the Skirt Panels
Gabriola Sew-Along #3: Attaching All Pieces
Tips for Adding Lining to the Gabriola Skirt, and Chiffon Chat
Gabriola Sew-Along #4: Sewing Center Back Zipper
Gabriola Sew-Along #5: Attaching the Waistband
Gabriola Sew-Along #6: Finishing Inside of Waistband
Gabriola Sew-Along #7: Hemming and Back Closure
My Finished Gabriola Skirt
Your Gabriola Skirts!
Laura Mae’s Gabriola Skirt
Becky and Molly’s Gabriola Skirts!
Sophie’s Gabriola Skirt


Granville Shirt: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials




Hollyburn Skirt: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

Introducing the next pattern…the Hollyburn Skirt!
Hollyburn Sew-Along with Rachel from My Messings!
Laura Mae’s Hollyburn Skirt


Lonsdale Dress: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

Introducing the next pattern… the Lonsdale Dress!
Lonsdale Sew-Along: Details, Schedule and Sew-Along Button!
A Closer Look at the Lonsdale Dress
Ways to Save Fabric on the Lonsdale Dress
Lonsdale Sew-Along #1: Supply List and Schedule
Lonsdale Sew-Along #2: Fabric Recommendations
Lonsdale Sew-Along #3: My Fabric Choice
Lonsdale Sew-Along #4: FBA for a Dartless Bodice and Loads of FBA Links
Lonsdale Sew-Along #5: Sewing the Bodice
Underlining the Lonsdale Dress
Lonsdale Sew-Along #6: Sewing, Turning and Attaching the Loops
Lonsdale Sew-Along #7: Sewing the Bodice Layers Together
Lonsdale Sew-Along #8: Optional! Adding Stay Tape
Lonsdale Sew-Along #9: Understitching the Bodice
Lonsdale Sew-Along #10: Attaching the Waistband
Lonsdale Sew-Along #11: Sewing the Pockets
Lonsdale Sew-Along #12: Sewing the Skirt
Lonsdale Sew-Along #13: Sewing the Skirt to Bodice
Lonsdale Sew-Along #14: Sewing the Zipper
Lonsdale Sew-Along #15: Hemming
Finished Sewing a Lonsdale Dress? Let’s See It!
Guest Post! A Shirring Tutorial for the Lonsdale Dress
Lonsdale Sew-Along: My Finished Dress
Check out Sarai’s Lonsdale Dress on the Coletterie!


Minoru Jacket: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

Introducing the next pattern… the Minoru Jacket!
Minoru Jacket Q & A
Join the Minoru Sew-Along: January 16th, 2012!
Why is the Minoru Jacket Pattern Not Suitable for Plaid Fabric?
Fabric Recommendations for the Minoru Jacket
Guest Post: Caroline on Sewing Waterproof Outerwear
A Full Bust Adjustment on the Minoru Jacket, Courtesy of Alana
My Minoru Jacket Fabric Choices
Minoru Jacket Inspiration: Dots!
Update: Minoru Sew-Along Starts on Monday!
The Very First Minoru Muslin
Minoru Sew-Along #1: Let’s Get Started!
Minoru Sew-Along #2: Sewing Sleeves and Topstitching Tips
Minoru Sew-Along #3: Gathering!
Minoru Sew-Along #4: Sewing the Hood
Minoru Sew-Along #5: A Change in the Line-Up and Checking In
Minoru Sew-Along #6: The Secret Hood Zipper
Minoru Sew-Along #7: Sewing the Hood to the Collar (Quick Post!)
Minoru Sew-Along #8: We Finally Get to Pull the Gathers!
Adding Pockets to the Minoru Jacket: Amy’s Awesome Tutorial
Minoru Sew-Along #9: Front Plackets, Front Zipper
Flap Pockets on the Minoru Jacket
Minoru Sew-Along #10: All About Cuffs
Minoru Sew-Along #11: Little Hidden Pockets
Minoru Sew-Along #12: A Useful Hanging Loop
Minoru Sew-Along #13: Sewing The Lining
Minoru Sew-Along #14: Putting it All Together!
Minoru Sew-Along #15: An Alternative to Slipstitching Cuffs
Minoru Sew-Along #16: Stitching in the Ditch
Minoru Sew-Along #17: The Waistline
Minoru Sew-Along #18: Hemming, and Then We’re Done!
Finished Sewing a Minoru Jacket? Let’s See It!
My Minoru Jacket: Pretty in Pink
Louise’s Minoru Jacket
Valerie’s Minoru Jacket
Lauren’s Minoru Jacket
Rachel’s Minoru Jacket
Anna’s Minoru Jacket
Liz’s Minoru Jacket
Novita’s Minoru Jacket
Molly’s Minoru Jacket
Morgan’s Mini-ru

Pendrell Blouse: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

Pendrell Blouse Envelope Front
Pendrell Blouse Sew-Along Schedule!
Ways to Save Fabric on the Pendrell Blouse
For Beginners: Fabric Suggestions for the Pendrell Blouse
Pendrell Sew-Along: My Fabric Picks
Pendrell Sew-Along: Supply List, Schedule & Sew-Along Badge
Pendrell Sew-Along #2: Prewashing your Fabric
Pendrell Sew-Along #3: Measuring and Choosing Your Size
Pendrell Sew-Along #4: Shortening the Blouse Length
Pendrell Sew-Along #5: Altering The Hip and Waist
Pendrell Sew-Along #6: Princess-Seam FBA (Full Bust Adjustment)
Pendrell Sew-Along #7: Cutting Your Fabric
Pendrell Sew-Along #8: Bonus Post! Cutting Scalloped-Edge Lace
Pendrell Sew-Along #9: Checking In
Pendrell Sew-Along #10: Underlining The Pendrell Blouse
Pendrell Sew-Along #10.5: More on Underlining & Basting
Pendrell Sew-Along #11: Sewing! Plus, Finishing Your Edges
Pendrell Sew-Along #12: Constructing and Attaching the Draped Sleeve
Pendrell Sew-Along #13: Gathering Ruffles
Pendrell Sew-Along #14: Attaching Bias Binding to the Neckline
Pendrell Sew-Along #15: Sewing Side Panels
Pendrell Sew-Along #16: Finishing the Blouse
Pendrell Sew-Along #17: My Finished Teal Blouse
Using Knit Fabrics for the Pendrell Blouse
Pendrell Blouse in Knit Fabric: Yes, it works!
Coming Up Roses: Another Pendrell Blouse
Pendrell Blouse, sleeveless!
More Pendrell Blouses by you!
More Pendrell Blouses by You, Round 2!
More Pendrell Blouses by You, Round 3!
More Pendrell Blouses by You, Round 4

Renfrew Top: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials

1201 Renfrew Top Envelope Front
Introducing the next pattern…the Renfrew Top!
A Big List of Tips for Sewing Knits!
Renfrew Top: Choosing Which View To Make?
What’s a Stable Knit Fabric?
Cutting Knit Fabric: Making Sure Your Project is Perfectly On-Grain
Thoughts on Cutting Knit Fabric, Notches and More
Seam Allowances on the Renfrew Top
Approaches to Sewing Knits
Renfrew Top: Sewing & Stabilizing the Shoulder Seams
Why Add Twill Tape to the Shoulders? Plus Possible Substitutions
Renfrew Top: That Tricky Cowl Collar
Renfrew Top: Finishing It Up! Sleeves & Bands
Cutting Striped Knit Fabric & Matching Stripes
Sewing Stripes: What Colour Thread?
Three Tips for Sewing Stripes
Renfrew Dresses!
Britex Guest Blogger Nicole’s Renfrew Top!


Robson Coat: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials



Saltspring Dress: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials


Introducing the next pattern…the Saltspring Dress!
Saltspring Dress, Shorter Version!
Saltspring Dress: No Zipper, No Blousing
Join us for the Saltspring Sew-Along!
Saltspring Dress: Let’s Talk Fabric Inspiration!
Saltspring Dress: Caroline’s First Saltspring
Saltspring Sew-Along #1: Let’s Kick it Off!
Saltspring Sew-Along: FBA Tutorial and Tips
Saltspring Sew-Along #2: Preparing the Bodice
Saltspring Sew-Along #3: Straps!
Saltspring Sew-Along #4: Finishing the Bodice
Saltspring Sew-Along #5: Sewing the Skirt
Saltspring Dress: How do I line the skirt?
Saltspring Sew-Along #6: Elastic Waist
Saltspring Sew-Along #7: Let’s Tackle the Zipper!
Saltspring Sew-Along #8: Finishing the Dress
Saltspring Dress: First round up of your versions!
My Sew-Along Saltspring Dress!
Saltspring Variation: A Top!
Saltspring Dress: Second round up of your versions!
My Foggy Knit Saltspring Dress
Sewing a Knit Saltspring Dress: Some Tips & Tricks!
Saltspring Dress: Another round up of your versions!
A Fall Floral Saltspring

Thurlow Trousers and Shorts: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials


Tofino Pants: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials



Yaletown Dress & Blouse: Sew-Alongs & Tutorials