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Belcarra Sew-Along #4: Neck Binding

Hey sew-alongers! You know the drill: you can click the link to the left to catch up on all things to do with the Belcarra sew-along. Plus here is a list of everything we’ve covered, and what is to come! Belcarra Blouse: Inspiration and Modification Ideas Belcarra Blouse: Fabric Suggestions Belcarra Blouse: Choosing Your Size, […]

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Belcarra Sew-Along: Giveaway!

We thought it would be fun to do a giveaway to celebrate the Belcarra Sew-Along! Tasia picked some great fabrics last time she was at Télio that would be perfect for a Belcarra Blouse (or so many other projects!), and we’re giving away one of our beloved Sewaholic tape measures. The winner will get three […]

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