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Thanks for the great pattern ideas!

Thank you all so very much for the pattern design ideas on my last post, What’s On Your Sewing Pattern Wishlist? I loved the enthusiasm and response in the comments. I expected some strong feelings about designs, but I didn’t expect that many comments! Some of the suggestions surprised me, like skinny jeans and blazers, […]

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What’s On Your Sewing Pattern Wishlist?

Hey everyone! I’ve started to get a few requests for pattern designs, and I thought I’d open it up to everyone. What do you wish there was a sewing pattern for? What do us pear-shaped women need a pattern for, that isn’t out there yet? Here are some of the requests so far – in […]

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When In Doubt, Buy Three Metres (or Yards)?

This is another really good question that I get asked from time to time! When you’re buying fabric with no specific purpose, how do you decide how much to buy? When I don’t know what I’m going to make, I know that 3 yards or metres will usually cover me. When in doubt, I buy […]

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