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Tips for Taking Project Photos, For Sewing Bloggers

Hey, everyone! I’ve read all of the comments on last week’s post  – Who Loves Taking Finished Project Photos? and I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts. It’s rather surprising that many sewing bloggers don’t enjoy getting their photo taken. Don’t you think that’s interesting? It’s the sort of blogging that requires photos, and photos of yourself most likely. Yet […]

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Thanks for the great pattern ideas!

Thank you all so very much for the pattern design ideas on my last post, What’s On Your Sewing Pattern Wishlist? I loved the enthusiasm and response in the comments. I expected some strong feelings about designs, but I didn’t expect that many comments! Some of the suggestions surprised me, like skinny jeans and blazers, […]

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What’s On Your Sewing Pattern Wishlist?

Hey everyone! I’ve started to get a few requests for pattern designs, and I thought I’d open it up to everyone. What do you wish there was a sewing pattern for? What do us pear-shaped women need a pattern for, that isn’t out there yet? Here are some of the requests so far – in […]

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Do You Care About Fashion Trends?

Here’s an interesting question for people who sew. Especially people who sew most or all of their own clothing, as opposed to people who shop for their clothing. Do you care about fashion trends? Do you listen when the media says certain styles are in and out? Do you plan your sewing projects and fabric […]

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