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Saltspring Dress: How do I line the skirt?

Since we’ve released the Saltspring dress, we’ve received some questions about lining the skirt. This is not covered in the instructions. Here are some ideas and tips we have about lining options! Tasia covered underlining and lining really well in this post from the Lonsdale sew-along. The same methods can be applied to the Saltspring […]

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Sewing the Lining into the Cambie Dress

Today, I’ll demonstrate how to sew the lining into the Cambie Dress. This part of the sewing instructions makes a lot more sense when you’re actually doing it yourself. The next best thing? Watching someone else do it first! So I’ll do it and show you how it’s done, with plenty of pictures and explanations. […]

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Aha! Here’s the fabric I was looking for…

Guess what! I’ve found the perfect fabric for my dotted Minoru I dreamed of making, back in this post here. (And rambled on about here, too.) It’s a polyester crepe fabric, slightly heavier than a blouse weight. Strange choice, I know! The dots are perfect though – not too large, not too prominent. (I stuck […]

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