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Now Available: Pendrell Blouse PDF Pattern

Our very first sewing pattern of them all, the Pendrell Blouse, is now available as a PDF download! Now that’s an old photo. This is well before Sewaholic Patterns was a real business! I was still employed full-time at my old job and this was my favourite photo-taking spot on my way to work. Nice brick […]

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Five Favourite Items from My Closet

Remember the excerpt from the Colette Sewing Handbook last week, about thoughtful planning for your sewing projects? Do you remember the part about choosing five items you love and feel good in from your own closet, to get a sense of your personal style and guide your future sewing projects? Just for fun, I thought […]

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Day 15: Halfway There!

Can you believe I wore tights and a scarf on June 15th! What’s the weather like where you live? These days, it’s about fifty-fifty. Half the days have been nice, the other half have been cloudy or rainy or cold. Or perhaps I’m still a little bit under the weather and it has nothing to […]

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