The Sewtionary Is Here!

Guess what? The Sewtionary is here! It is here physically in my office, in all its hardcover glory. I ordered some so I could stock them in my online shop. This is what fifty books looks like! Look how thick it is! It’s pretty heavy, too. (According to Amazon it’s 2.5 lbs – that’s a […]

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Red Lacey Thong

Once I’d made my own bra, I wanted to have a pretty pair of matching undies to wear with it! I made this to match with the red bra from the bra class. (Even though I’ve worn this bra many times with non-matching underwear. It’s nice to have a set now!) I used the free […]

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Summer Sewing Plans

Lately I’ve been feeling like my fabric and pattern stash is getting a bit out of control. Not complaining, I swear! However, I’ve been aching to do some wardrobe planning to get all of my ideas and sewing dreams in some kind of order, for the immediate future at least.  So I recently dug through […]

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