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How To Assemble PDF Patterns Quickly & Efficiently

We are super excited that this year we began to introduce PDF sewing patterns! With the last few new patterns, we have been able to offer a PDF download option as well as our usual printed patterns. We are also working through the existing pattern line, and eventually we would like to offer the instant download option for every pattern. Personally, […]

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Quick Trick for Storing Paper Patterns

Today I want to share a trick with you that I discovered not long ago. When I realized I could use a binder clip to store my PDF or traced patterns, I had an ah-ha moment! PDF patterns are becoming more and more popular, and I’m finding myself with lots of patterns like this now, […]

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Alternative Sewing Methods for the Belcarra Blouse

With sewing, there often are many different ways to achieve the same result. Some methods are easier to sew, some methods work better for different fabrics and some methods are simply a matter of personal preference. Whenever a pattern goes through testing, I get a ton of feedback from the testers. Some of it results […]

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