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Renfrew Top Patterns: Now in Stock!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s an especially happy day around here, as the Renfrew Top pattern is now in stock! The pre-sale went exceptionally well. I’ve never packed, labelled and shipped so many orders before. They just kept on coming! I was expecting mass disaster because I couldn’t do it the usual way, but it went […]

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A Sew-Along Day Off

Hey, Sew-Alongers! I apologize but I don’t have a Sew-Along post ready for us today! A shipment of boxes arrived last week that took over most of the office, so I wasn’t able to get to the sewing machine at all. (And I still haven’t cut my lining fabric either! So behind.) Which means I […]

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Minoru Sew-Along #6: The Secret Hood Zipper

I know, technically the zipper isn’t a secret. You all know it’s there! Nor is it a secret that there’s a hood in our collars, it’ll be a soft roll around your neck. Secret or not, it’s a very cool feature on this jacket. Today we’ll insert the zipper into the collar, so we can […]

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