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Saltspring Sew-Along #6: Elastic Waist

Good morning my lovely sew-along superstars! The fall season is fast approaching here in Vancouver (when did that happen?), and I’ve been dreaming about wearing this dress in the sunshine during our last few summery weeks. Is anyone else getting excited to complete and wear their Saltspring dress? I can’t wait to see your versions! […]

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Saltspring Dress: How do I line the skirt?

Since we’ve released the Saltspring dress, we’ve received some questions about lining the skirt. This is not covered in the instructions. Here are some ideas and tips we have about lining options! Tasia covered underlining and lining really well in this post from the Lonsdale sew-along. The same methods can be applied to the Saltspring […]

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Saltspring Sew-Along #3: Straps!

Hello y’all! We’re trucking along with our Saltspring dresses today. Need to catch up? Click on the pink badge for all of our Saltspring posts to date! Today it’s all straps, all day long. Let’s get started!       First we’ll be working with our strap pieces, so let’s grab those suckers. We’ll need […]

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