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Make Yourself a Topstitching & Edgestitching Cheat Sheet

On a project like the Granville Shirt, there’s a lot of topstitching and edgestitching. If you’re using a very small stitch length, like I am, you certainly want to avoid unpicking at all costs. Here’s what I did – I made a topstitching and edgestitching cheat sheet! It’s just a scrap of paper where I […]

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Adding Topstitching to the Alma Blouse Neckline

Just for fun, I added a little topstitching to the neckline of the Alma Blouse. I knew how sheer the fabric was when I started, but it still bothers me a little that it’s so see-through, maybe topstitching will work as a distraction! Here’s how I did it: I sewed the first row of stitching, […]

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Minoru Sew-Along #13: Sewing The Lining

Let’s sew the lining for our jackets today! This is going to seem very familiar, as we’ll construct the lining just like we did the jacket, minus the topstitching and hood zipper. So it’s going to be pretty easy to sew it all up! After this step is done, we’ll be very close to finishing […]

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Minoru Sew-Along #9: Front Plackets, Front Zipper

Hey, everyone! Happy Tuesday! I am pleased to report that I’m feeling well enough to sew again. Isn’t that the worst, feeling too sick to sew? When it hurts to concentrate and focus your eyes on those tiny little stitches? Well, I feel much better now! Thanks for your patience and well wishes! I think […]

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What is Triple Stitch?

Vicki asked “What is a Triple Stitch” so I thought I’d show you guys, rather than try and explain it! Your sewing machine may or may not have this stitch option. It’s Option #2 on my machine out of its seventy-five settings, which makes me think it’s fairly common on newer machines. It’s also known […]

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Minoru Sew-Along #2: Sewing Sleeves and Topstitching Tips

Today, we get to sew! If you’ve finished cutting and marking your fabric, you’re ready for today’s set of sewing steps! We will sew our jacket front and back to our sleeves, and we’ll topstitch these seams. Easy, right? The Minoru Jacket features raglan sleeves, which are much easier to sew than classic set-in sleeves. […]

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