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Pendrell Sew-Along #13: Gathering Ruffles

Today’s all about View B. If you’re making the ruffled Pendrell Blouse, this post is for you! View A and C sew-alongers, take a break and relax. The next sewing post will be for ALL views:  A, B, and C! We’re going to gather both of our ruffles – the seam ruffle and the sleeve […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along #10: Underlining The Pendrell Blouse

If your fabric is sheer, you may want to underline your Pendrell Blouse. I know a lot of you are already planning to underline your blouses for the Sew-Along. You may wonder, what’s the difference between lining and underlining? Underlining is different from lining, in that it’s sewn to the main fabric as a backing. […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along #9: Checking In

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I wanted to check in and see how everyone’s doing so far with the Pendrell Blouse Sew-Along. How are you doing? Are you finished cutting your fabric, and ready to start sewing this week? If your fabric is cut and marked, then you’re good to start sewing! You’ll need matching […]

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