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Sewing the Gabriola Skirt in Striped Fabric

The Gabriola Skirt is really easy to cut and sew in stripes! For cutting, simply follow the marked grainlines and the existing pattern layout. They’re designed to work with striped fabric already. Once the cutting is done, a few tricks will make it easier to sew with nice results. Here are some tips to making […]

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Sewing Stripes: What Colour Thread?

Hey, everyone! Finally, I’ve picked up the pieces of my Striped Renfrew Top and started to sew. And yet before I even started sewing, I thought of something to write about! When you’re sewing a striped fabric, especially one with a strong contrast between the colours, what colour thread do you use? For this taupe […]

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What’s a Stable Knit Fabric?

Thanks for all of the suggestions on Monday’s post, asking what kind of things you’d like to see as I sew more Renfrew Tops. So many good ideas! So many things to note as I sew, recommendations to explain why certain things are done, and votes to find out more about fabric selection. While I […]

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