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Lonsdale Sew-Along #2: Fabric Recommendations

Choosing fabric is one of the most fun parts of sewing! Today, I’ll share my fabric recommendations for the Lonsdale Dress. For this dress, a change in fabric can give it a completely different look! Choose a solid silk for formal occasions, printed cotton for the beach. It’s up to you! For earlier Sew-Along preparation […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along #16: Finishing the Blouse

Hello Sew-Alongers! It’s a great day, it’s Friday, and today we’re finishing up our blouses! Just in time to wear out this weekend, if you’re fast. Or, wear it to work on Monday, to start the week off in style. So let’s get to it! Today, we’ll be sewing our Sleeve Ruffles to the armhole, […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along #13: Gathering Ruffles

Today’s all about View B. If you’re making the ruffled Pendrell Blouse, this post is for you! View A and C sew-alongers, take a break and relax. The next sewing post will be for ALL views:  A, B, and C! We’re going to gather both of our ruffles – the seam ruffle and the sleeve […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along #2: Prewashing your Fabric

Welcome to the Pendrell Sew-Along, Day 2! If you’re just joining us, here’s a link to the first sew-along post: January 10th: Pendrell Sew-Along: Supply List, Schedule & Sew-Along Badge Before we cut, let’s talk about pre-washing your fabric. Pre-washing is basically washing your fabric before you start sewing. That’s all there is to it! […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along: My Fabric Picks

Thanks for all the awesome comments on yesterday’s Pendrell Blouse post. It’s so fun sharing your creations, and Jane‘s right, I do feel like a proud parent seeing my blouse pattern made up successfully! (Like I’d imagine a parent would feel anyways, as I don’t have any kids. You know what we mean!) I have […]

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