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Sold Out of Renfrew Patterns!

Well, that happened really quickly. We’re totally sold out of the Renfrew Top pattern! This is both good and bad news. Good news for me, because it’s exciting to see them sell so well! Especially since we’ve been talking a lot about sewing with knits and sewing this exact pattern, sales have been really good […]

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Approaches to Sewing Knits

Since we’re talking about sewing the Renfrew Top out of knit fabric, and there are all kinds of fabric-related questions that come up about knit fabrics, I’d like to recommend this book, Claire Shaeffer’s Fabric Sewing Guide by Claire Shaeffer. This book is a great resource for answering the question ‘How do I work with […]

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Seam Allowances on the Renfrew Top

Every time I go to sew the Renfrew Top, I think of something new to talk about! Today it’s seam allowances. (Thought of it just as I went to sew the very first seam.) This is good, bit by bit I’ll have answered every possible question about the Renfrew top pattern! What are the seam […]

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