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Renfrew Top: That Tricky Cowl Collar

Hey, everyone! Today I’m back to demonstrating sewing the Renfrew Top, working on the collar of View C next. I’m excited to add this demo to the library as it will answer a lot of questions! Here’s where we left off, if you’re just catching up – Sewing and Stabilizing the Shoulder Seams. Or if […]

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Approaches to Sewing Knits

Since we’re talking about sewing the Renfrew Top out of knit fabric, and there are all kinds of fabric-related questions that come up about knit fabrics, I’d like to recommend this book, Claire Shaeffer’s Fabric Sewing Guide by Claire Shaeffer. This book is a great resource for answering the question ‘How do I work with […]

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Seam Allowances on the Renfrew Top

Every time I go to sew the Renfrew Top, I think of something new to talk about! Today it’s seam allowances. (Thought of it just as I went to sew the very first seam.) This is good, bit by bit I’ll have answered every possible question about the Renfrew top pattern! What are the seam […]

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