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Is Your Invisible Zipper End Scratchy?

You know what I mean, right? The lower end of an invisible zipper can be scratchy and bothersome. Sometimes it can even poke its way into undergarments, if the length is right. (So annoying!) What if you’ve shortened the zipper, and have a cut end that looks like you cut it yourself? (Which you did, […]

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Sewing the Lining into the Cambie Dress

Today, I’ll demonstrate how to sew the lining into the Cambie Dress. This part of the sewing instructions makes a lot more sense when you’re actually doing it yourself. The next best thing? Watching someone else do it first! So I’ll do it and show you how it’s done, with plenty of pictures and explanations. […]

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How to match prints along seams

One of the biggest pet peeves is seeing unmatched prints, stripes and plaids on RTW (ready-to-wear) garments. It seems so lazy! Especially on higher end garments. (This shirt isn’t high-end but still! Not even the slightest effort to match the plaids..) Since I’m a production manager as my day job, I know that it costs […]

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