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Fabric Recommendations for the Minoru Jacket

Today, let’s talk about fabric options for the Minoru Jacket. We’ll be looking for light to medium weight woven fabrics, but as with most patterns, we can always bend the rules a little bit! I’ll list some options that I think would work well, and mention some things to keep in mind as you select […]

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I Wish This Existed, For Fabric

The knitting world is so organized about yarn. You can buy the same yarn, over and over. You can read reviews of other yarns, and only buy ones that suit your preferences. The same yarn is available in a rainbow of different colours. And the same rainbow of colours might even be offered in different […]

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Is Your Fabric Taxed?

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I have a question: are fabric purchases taxed where you live? I’m curious what the laws are in your state, province or country! Here in British Columbia, Canada, fabrics have a 12% sales tax. Ouch! Same with notions, patterns – basically everything you buy at the fabric store. Whatever you buy […]

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