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Starry Night Sweater

Is it summer yet, where you live? Here it’s starting to slowly get warmer, but the wool sweaters aren’t packed away quite yet. Good thing, as I just finished knitting a cosy wool pullover with a huge collar! I’ve called it the Starry Night Sweater because it sounds pretty. (Much better than the ‘oh crap, […]

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Aha! Here’s the fabric I was looking for…

Guess what! I’ve found the perfect fabric for my dotted Minoru I dreamed of making, back in this post here. (And rambled on about here, too.) It’s a polyester crepe fabric, slightly heavier than a blouse weight. Strange choice, I know! The dots are perfect though – not too large, not too prominent. (I stuck […]

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Red St. James

So nice, I made it twice! This is the second sweater I’ve knit, and I’m happy that it gets easier when you make the same pattern a second time. The first time took me about four months – blogged here, My First Sweater! – and the second time it took me closer to a month. […]

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Smart Cookie

Hey, everyone! Thought you might get a bit of a laugh at the fortune in my fortune cookie: Even fortune cookies somehow know that I sew too much frosting and not enough cake! How appropriate. (I think I love opening fortune cookies more than I like eating them. What it is about a message on […]

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