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Lonsdale Sew-Along #9: Understitching the Bodice

Happy Saturday, everyone! I’m not working today, but I scheduled a post so that we could keep to the original Sew-Along schedule. And so you can wear your finished dresses sooner! Today we’ll understitch the bodice, and turn it right-side out. We’ll baste the lower edges together and get the bodice ready for attaching the […]

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Understitching: A Step-By-Step Demo

Here’s another post for the beginners or semi-beginners out there – all about understitching! I was understitching the facings on the Picnic Dress and paused to take a few photos and write up this quick post. What is understitching? It’s a row of stitching, usually seen on the inside edge of a facing, that is […]

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