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Blowing Bubbles

Wow, I’m never allowed to say I don’t have enough sewing time again! After reading all of your comments yesterday, it made me so appreciative of my sewing time. While there’s plenty of work to do, I love that I have a fairly flexible schedule and that sewing is part of what I do. So […]

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A Hand-Picked Zipper: Progress on the Picnic Dress

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m going to show you how I hand-picking a zipper, on my Picnic Dress. I used a combination of Gertie’s tutorial and my own experience, since I’ve handpicked a few zippers earlier this year. If you’re just joining us now, here are links to the first few posts on this dress: […]

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Gathering an Edge Using Machine Stitches

A lot of you already know how to gather, so this post is for the beginners out there. I was about to gather the skirt for the Picnic Dress and thought – wait a moment, this is a great technique to add to the Sewtionary! So here’s how to gather using machine stitches. There are […]

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Next up: The Picnic Dress

It might not be picnic weather anymore – ok, not even close! But when it rolls around again next Spring, I have just the thing to wear. Inspired by Betty Draper’s pretty pink and white floral dress she wears to a picnic in season 2 of Mad Men, I’m making my own Picnic Dress! I’m […]

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