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When In Doubt, Buy Three Metres (or Yards)?

This is another really good question that I get asked from time to time! When you’re buying fabric with no specific purpose, how do you decide how much to buy? When I don’t know what I’m going to make, I know that 3 yards or metres will usually cover me. When in doubt, I buy […]

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Road-Trip Fabric Shopping

I didn’t buy a lot of fabric on my recent road trip, but I did come home with a few gems! The beauty of buying fabric in Portland (the whole state of Oregon, actually) is that there’s no sales tax. Remember this blog post where we talked about how much tax everyone pays on fabric? […]

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Fabric in Boston: Winmil Fabrics and Sew-fisticated

It’s a good thing I bought fabric in Boston, or this would be a picture-less post! After losing my photographs to a tragic ‘Card Read Error,’ one of my first thoughts was that I would have no pictures for my Fabric Shopping on Vacation posts. It was almost as sad as losing all of our […]

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