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Where Do You Buy Fabric Online?

Where do you buy fabric online? Me, I rarely buy fabric online. (Surprising, I know!) There are two reasons why: one, being in Canada means that shipping costs are high and we’re often excluded from free shipping promotions. (Which is why I like to offer free shipping promotions myself!) And when packages come up across […]

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75% Winter, 25% Summer

I’ve come to a realization that seems so very obvious, but hasn’t kicked in seriously until now. Starting in about September, it’s tights weather here. Sure, there are days you can get away with bare legs, but for the most part, it starts getting pretty cold out. It’s tights-weather every day now, and I’m daydreaming […]

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Rachel’s Minoru Jacket

Another Minoru Jacket from pattern testing! Rachel from Melbourne used a waterproof cotton canvas fabric, in a fun shade of pink. Talk about brightening up a rainy day! Rachel used a cotton print for the main lining, but lined the sleeves with a slippery fabric so it would be easy to wear over sweaters (jumpers). […]

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This Always Happens

Whenever we have a good discussion post, the same thing happens! I get too wrapped up in approving and reading all the responses to get a post together for the next day. It’s getting dark here so early – this photo was taken before 4pm! Looking outside my window and watching it get dark puts […]

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Anna’s Minoru Jacket

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m back with another version of the Minoru Jacket. This one is from Anna, a pattern tester from Italy. Pretty awesome to think that someone in Japan and someone in Italy could be wearing a Minoru Jacket, on complete opposite sides of the world. And all of us in North America in […]

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