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Pendrell Sew-Along #13: Gathering Ruffles

Today’s all about View B. If you’re making the ruffled Pendrell Blouse, this post is for you! View A and C sew-alongers, take a break and relax. The next sewing post will be for ALL views:  A, B, and C! We’re going to gather both of our ruffles – the seam ruffle and the sleeve […]

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Pattern Shop Updates & Mailing List

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you’re having a fun and productive weekend so far, especially the Sew-Alongers! I enjoyed all of the cape-love on Friday, and was thrilled to hear from so many cape-fans out there. So what if it’s not the most serious or practical piece of outerwear? It’s going to be great fun to […]

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Next up: Vintage Tartan Cape

I’ve decided that my next vintage project is going to be the cape! I’ve been lusting after a cape for a while now, so I was thrilled that one of the patterns in the package from Veronica was a cape. (And matching skirt and jacket, too!) In between Pendrell Sew-Along posts, I’m going to work […]

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