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Pattern Testers Needed!

Hey, everyone! Want to be a volunteer pattern tester for Sewaholic Patterns? I’m looking for people that are interested in testing future pattern designs, before they go to print. You’ll get to try out new patterns before anyone else! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? If you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed the […]

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Technology and Sewing

Yesterday’s post about the QR codes, the barcode on the back of the pattern envelope, got me thinking about sewing and technology. Isn’t it amazing that we have technology not only to improve regular life, but to make our hobbies more fun? We can connect with other people who sew, share tips and suggestions, and […]

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I Want to Learn More About…

Hello, everyone! I thought I’d post something different today instead of more outfit posts, and ask a question! With sewing, you’re always learning. Even I’m learning new things, and I’ve been sewing for twenty years, maybe more! That’s the wonderful part about hobbies – you’re always exploring, testing new ideas, and improving your skills. (Speaking […]

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Rate the Crescent Sew-Along!

Hello Sew-Alongers! Now that the Sew-Along has ended, I want to know: what did you think of the Crescent Sew-Along? I want to make the sew-alongs better and better each time – that is, if you still want to keep sewing along with me! I’ve already had a few votes for a third sew-along so […]

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Your Slip Tips!

Hello, everyone! I still have slips on my mind. You guys had so many great tips, suggestions and tricks on my slip projects, I thought I’d compile them all in one post for easy reference! Just in case you read it in your reader and didn’t click through to see all of the comments and […]

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Sewing for the Rain

You may already know I live in rainy Vancouver. On the  wet coast West Coast. I’m sure there is some statistic on the number of rainy days per year, and it’s not a small amount! I’ve started riding my bike to work, which is awesome! I get to work refreshed, wide awake and pumped to […]

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