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Gilded Lauriel

This is quite possibly the most beautiful and complicated thing I’ve knit so far! Lauriel is the pattern, the yarn is Madelinetosh DK in ‘Gilded.’ (Ravelry notes here.) It’s a gorgeously bright and sunny yellow! I am drawn to happy colours, and this is definitely a happy colour in my book. (Totally my colour, I […]

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What Are ‘Your’ Colours?

Do you have a colour that you call yours? What are ‘your’ colours? As I get more selective with the fabrics I pick, I want to focus on wearing colours that I truly love. Colours I feel fantastic in. Colours that make people say ‘you look great today!’ Here’s what I would call my colours: […]

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Sunny Saffron Socks

Guess what? I knit another pair of socks! And not just regular socks – bright yellow ones! Yellow socks are so much fun. Sure, they’re not the most practical colour, but that’s what makes them so delightful. Especially during the cold and rainy winter – these socks will brighten the gloomiest day! (And not just […]

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