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Much better! Proper navy bias tape.

Thank you for all the comments on the bias tape colour for the Instant Dress! I love that you guys are passionate about getting the details right. So many of you agreed that if it isn’t right, that’s all we’ll think about in the finished garment! (Pretty much nobody said it’s good enough as-is, if […]

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Next Up: The Instant Dress, McCalls 3660

Next up, I’m sewing a new just-for-fun dress project. The pattern is McCalls 3660, labelled as an ‘Instant Dress.’ (Who doesn’t like the sound of that, Instant Dress? I sure do! Just add water, or something like that, and a dress appears!) What does ‘instant dress’ really mean? Well, it means that the pattern is […]

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A Random Scrap of History

Have you ever found something interesting tucked in the envelope of a vintage sewing pattern? This isn’t the most interesting thing (not like a love letter or something juicy!) but pinned in between the ‘lengthen and shorten here’ lines was a newspaper from 1964. So I imagine the original owner bought the pattern and sewed […]

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Little Letter Dress: McCalls 7743

It’s finished! My second version of McCalls 7743 is complete. I’ve called it the Little Letter Dress because that’s what the fabric is called. (So uncreative, I know. This is why I stick to a  theme when naming my patterns. It’s easy to name the next one when they’re all named for Vancouver area places […]

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A Different Kind of Waist Stay

I mentioned the other day that this pattern, McCalls 7743, has a waist stay built into the dress. It’s constructed in a different way than the method I picture when I think ‘waist stay’ so I wanted to show you how it was done. It’s really quite smart, you sew seam binding into the skirt’s […]

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