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Next Up: The Instant Dress, McCalls 3660

Next up, I’m sewing a new just-for-fun dress project. The pattern is McCalls 3660, labelled as an ‘Instant Dress.’ (Who doesn’t like the sound of that, Instant Dress? I sure do! Just add water, or something like that, and a dress appears!) What does ‘instant dress’ really mean? Well, it means that the pattern is […]

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A Random Scrap of History

Have you ever found something interesting tucked in the envelope of a vintage sewing pattern? This isn’t the most interesting thing (not like a love letter or something juicy!) but pinned in between the ‘lengthen and shorten here’ lines was a newspaper from 1964. So I imagine the original owner bought the pattern and sewed […]

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A Different Kind of Waist Stay

I mentioned the other day that this pattern, McCalls 7743, has a waist stay built into the dress. It’s constructed in a different way than the method I picture when I think ‘waist stay’ so I wanted to show you how it was done. It’s really quite smart, you sew seam binding into the skirt’s […]

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