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Vogue 8769: Fabric Picked!

I picked out fabric for Vogue 8769! Your fabric suggestions on the original post were fantastic. I loved the idea of tweeds, of rich jewel tones of navy or blues, and of linens for summer. While I look forward to warmer days and light linen dresses, it’s still far from summer here! So for a […]

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New Vintage Vogues: As Good as the Originals?

Since we’ve been talking about vintage patterns this week, I thought I’d talk about vintage re-issue patterns today. Recently, my mom picked up a few Vintage Vogue patterns she thought I’d like. Thanks, Mom! Does she know me or what? I love these! The detailing on the dress is fabulous, and the suit is oh-so-elegant.The […]

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Vogue 8769: So that’s how it goes together!

I love reading pattern instructions. Especially complex or vintage patterns. (Or complex vintage patterns.) How did they do that? How do all of those flat pieces of fabric combine to form a finished garment? I’m always curious to read how they come together! Like this dress: Vogue 8769. This is the one I traced off […]

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