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75% Winter, 25% Summer

I’ve come to a realization that seems so very obvious, but hasn’t kicked in seriously until now. Starting in about September, it’s tights weather here. Sure, there are days you can get away with bare legs, but for the most part, it starts getting pretty cold out. It’s tights-weather every day now, and I’m daydreaming […]

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So what happened to the white dress you mentioned?

Remember this white dress? Probably not, as it was back in March, but I thought I’d post about this little piece of unfinished business, just to wrap up a loose end. There are many conflicted views on posting works in progress, unfinished projects, or total failure projects. On one hand, it’s nice to know we’re […]

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Summer Beach Hat: Fail!

If you’re a member of Burdastyle, you may have seen the Summer Beach Hat project posted last week. (Model picture to the left.) Cute, no? I immediately thought, this is the project for me! The sun is not my friend, as I burn very easily. And now that I wear my hair with bangs, I’m […]

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