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Tips on Sewing with Silk

For my Party Dress, I chose a lovely silk dupioni in a rich teal colour. I sew a lot with cotton, rayon and wool, but silk is one of those very special fabrics that I am often afraid to cut and sew with! Love buying it and love wearing it though! I thought I’d share […]

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A Sunday Morning Sewing Tip

Well, if you’re wondering what happened after yesterday’s dress update, I finished it!! Yay, I can make a dress in two days! My absolute favourite part is the lace-trimmed lining. It’s so much fun! I’ll share photos from the party and of the dress in action soon. And, I’ll answer all of your questions from […]

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Can I make a Party Dress in Two Days?

It’s Mr Sewaholic’s office Christmas Party tomorrow! And I realized earlier this week that I had absolutely nothing to wear. Now I know what you’re thinking – I’ve made lots of dresses this year, surely that can’t be true? Yes, I’ve made lots of summery dresses, but nothing winter-party appropriate. And the one purchased dress […]

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