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75% Winter, 25% Summer

I’ve come to a realization that seems so very obvious, but hasn’t kicked in seriously until now. Starting in about September, it’s tights weather here. Sure, there are days you can get away with bare legs, but for the most part, it starts getting pretty cold out. It’s tights-weather every day now, and I’m daydreaming […]

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Tailoring a Coat: Making a Back Stay

Another baby step of progress on the Seventies Wrap Coat project! Here is the first tailoring technique I’ve applied to my Wrap Coat. We’re adding a back stay to support and stabilize the back of our coat. This will prevent strain across the shoulders as well. And I’m guessing it will also keep loosely woven […]

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Sewing Daydreams

Are you curious about other people’s sewing daydreams? Mainly mine, because I don’t mind sharing my sewing-obsessed thoughts with people who understand? I find that I end up with recurring thoughts, themes and ideas that keep coming back and appearing in my mind when I drift off. Like a song that gets stuck in your […]

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