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Introducing the next pattern…the Tofino Pants!

I’m so excited to introduce the newest pattern from Sewaholic Patterns, the Tofino Pants! I’ve been dreaming of making comfortable yet pretty lounge pants to wear around the house, and they’re finally here! (this is my favourite photo of all time! it looks so fresh) Modern, medium-rise pants are cut loosely for comfort without being […]

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Pants, Trousers, and Shorts: Fitting Resources

Why do people fear sewing pants? The number one answer is likely fit. After all, the actual sewing part of making pants is easy to master. Starting with a pants pattern that is close to your proportions is a good idea – like the new Thurlow pattern! Pants are considered one of the hardest things […]

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I Want to Learn More About…

Hello, everyone! I thought I’d post something different today instead of more outfit posts, and ask a question! With sewing, you’re always learning. Even I’m learning new things, and I’ve been sewing for twenty years, maybe more! That’s the wonderful part about hobbies – you’re always exploring, testing new ideas, and improving your skills. (Speaking […]

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Sewing for Men

To me, sewing for women is so much more fun. We wear dresses! We wear prints and bright colours and a variety of shapes and silhouettes. We become completely different women with the change of an outfit! Then, there’s men. They wear pants and shirts. And jackets, if it’s cold. Generally (and feel free to […]

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