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Muslin-ing a Man’s Shirt

Armed with the mens shirt pattern, the gingham muslin, and a bit of spare sewing time, I’m ready to start this thing! No, I haven’t been working on it in secret this whole time. I wish that were true! Now there’s less than a month till Christmas and I have an entire shirt to sew. […]

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Mr Sewaholic’s Shirt: Making the Muslin

Wow, it’s November next week! I’m starting to realize that perhaps you guys were right, and trying to make a bunch of Christmas presents is overly ambitious. Maybe it’s true, or maybe I will manage to squeeze some in, but one thing’s for sure – I have to make time to sew Mr Sewaholic’s shirt! […]

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How To Underline A Dress Bodice

I knew underlining existed, but never understood the need for it unless you’re working with sheer fabrics. After reading Couture Sewing Techniques, I learned that most couture garments are underlined, but most aren’t lined! I was surprised – wouldn’t you rather line something and hide all of the construction details? It was an interesting and […]

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