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Me-Made-May: Days 12 and 13

Almost halfway through the month! Me-Made-May has been a blast so far. It’s been an interesting challenge putting outfits together every day. I’ve felt a little boost to my ego talking about my creations to everyone, which was quickly balanced by humbling moments while editing all of my photos (my hips, my legs, my goofy […]

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Me-Made-May: Days 10 and 11

The weather has been gorgeous here in Vancouver! First, a wonderfully warm and sunny weekend, and then two more days of sunshine. So I haven’t worn my weekend creation yet, as it’s been just too nice out. I’ve just about run out of new items to wear, so I’m starting to recycle items from the […]

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Me-Made-May: Days 5 and 6

Readers, I have something NEW for today’s Me-Made-May report! Well actually, I have TWO new things. One you can see, one you can’t. Both are making me super excited. So here they are! Day 5: The first thing – the one you can’t see – is my lovely new tripod. It’s a tiny little thing, […]

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Me-Made-May: Days 3 and 4

Here’s the outfits from Days 3 and 4. So far, it’s only been slightly challenging getting dressed in the mornings, incorporating a Me-Made garment. I sense it might get harder as the month progresses! Day 3: I’m wearing a wool glencheck vest from a Simplicity Project Runway pattern, style 2556. (Yes, there’s a strange expression […]

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