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Me-Made-May: Days 14, 15, and 16

May’s now officially half way over! Phew. It’s been challenging putting together outfits every day. Do I plan them the night before? Nope! I get up in the morning and think “what on earth am I going to wear today??” There also just isn’t that much to choose from too, which makes it even trickier. […]

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Me-Made-May: Days 7, 8 and 9

As the photography gets better, the Me-Made inventory in my closet is getting lower… but I still have a good 3 days of new outfits to share. I’m proud to say there have been no repeats yet! Day 7: A gorgeous, sunny day and a quick early morning photo shoot. I’m in my border print […]

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Me-Made-May: Days 5 and 6

Readers, I have something NEW for today’s Me-Made-May report! Well actually, I have TWO new things. One you can see, one you can’t. Both are making me super excited. So here they are! Day 5: The first thing – the one you can’t see – is my lovely new tripod. It’s a tiny little thing, […]

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