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Snowbound Beret

This is my new perfect hat. It’s fuzzy and soft and simple. It’s a beautiful grey with an ivory halo. The colour is called Snowbound, perfect for my winter fantasy. Ravelry notes here. The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed LOFT, with Shibui Silk Cloud. My first time holding yarn double! All that means is you are […]

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Climb Socks

These socks were the reason I bought this book! The book I’m referring to is Journey, by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook, two local knitwear designers. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both of them in real life at Knit City! The cool part about buying a book of patterns is all of the colour […]

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Blank (Orange) Canvas Sweater

When you think blank canvas, you probably don’t picture it being orange, do you? Actually, the colour is Paprika. So it’s not exactly orange! Definitely more vibrant that you might picture a Blank Canvas to be. The pattern is Blank Canvas, by Ysolda Teague, and it’s exactly that. A great-fitting basic pullover, that you could […]

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Strokkur Pullover

Here’s another knitting project I made: an awesome winter sweater with a traditional colourwork yoke! It is scratchy as ever but I feel like this means it will last forever! When I started knitting this, it felt like knitting with steel wool. (Even the grey colour reminded me of steel wool!) It softened as I […]

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My Favourite Knitted Hat

This is my all-time favourite hat to wear and knit. Mostly to wear, but also to knit. Of all the hats I’ve knit, this one stays on, is warm, and feels good to wear. Pattern is Aesderina by Jane Richmond. I’ve made it five times now – given two away, three are mine. The green […]

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Owls Sweater

Can you see the owls in my sweater? There they are! Owl-shaped cables form the yoke of this sweater. See their little feet, lined up in a row? You know, some people hate orange, yet it looks really good on me. Since this is a sewing blog and we talk a lot about flattery and […]

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Inside the Bluebird Cardigan

Thank you all so much for the lovely compliments on yesterday’s knitted set: the Bluebird Cardigan and its matching accessories! I love that no one thinks it’s too much matching to wear a coordinated sweater+mittens+beret set. I’m totally going to wear it all together! In my fantasy life, I’ll wear it with a circle skirt […]

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