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It finally happened – I was spotted by a reader this weekend! I was at Dressew, perusing the silk section, and a fellow shopper asked if I was me! The lovely Deborah recognized me from my blog, and we chatted briefly in the busy store. How cool is that? We didn’t talk long, but it […]

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Meet Diana

I’m always thrilled to receive sewing-related questions from readers using the contact form! I secretly love it, I’m flattered that you guys trust my opinion and want to hear what I have to say. Luckily I always have plenty to say about sewing, fabric, patterns, et cetera! One of the questions I see most often […]

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A peek inside Dressew

Uh oh… just what I needed! I wandered into Dressew in downtown Vancouver (which is already full of excellent cheap deals) to find they have a half price sale. I’d been dressing people up all morning (volunteering for Dress for Success, which is worthy of its own post someday too) so I had clothes and […]

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