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Next up: The Picnic Dress

It might not be picnic weather anymore – ok, not even close! But when it rolls around again next Spring, I have just the thing to wear. Inspired by Betty Draper’s pretty pink and white floral dress she wears to a picnic in season 2 of Mad Men, I’m making my own Picnic Dress! I’m […]

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Twin Spruce Dress: Inside Out

I had a few requests to see the inside of the Twin Spruce Dress, so here are some inside-out shots! It’s like school – ‘Show your work, Tasia!’ Although I agree, there are so many pretty projects on the internet, with beautiful photos, and sometimes I’m curious see how it all came together on the […]

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Finishing Simplicity 3965

Ok, enough daydreaming about sewing tools and sewing books under the Christmas tree – and back to the Simplicity vintage dress! If you’re just joining this series of posts, here are the first few posts: This is what the muslin is for! How to make a muslin for a dress bodice Altering the Dress Bodice: […]

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Using Stay Tape on Necklines and Seams

Stay tape is applied to necklines and other garment edges to stabilize and support them, avoiding the dreaded stretched-out gaping neckline! Stay tape also prevents shoulder seams from stretching out as well. I picked this up at Fabricana’s last half-price notions sale, figuring it would come in handy. And look, it did! For this dress […]

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How To Underline A Dress Bodice

I knew underlining existed, but never understood the need for it unless you’re working with sheer fabrics. After reading Couture Sewing Techniques, I learned that most couture garments are underlined, but most aren’t lined! I was surprised – wouldn’t you rather line something and hide all of the construction details? It was an interesting and […]

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