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Sewing a Boned Bodice With Plastic Boning

Hey, remember this dress? Here’s the third post in the Padded Bust Series! First we sewed abutted seams in cotton batting, and then we made padded bra cups by layering cotton batting. Today I’ll finish up the tutorial! We’ll sew a muslin version of our bodice, and add plastic boning to the seams. I’ll show […]

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A Little More Oomph: Making Bust Padding

One of the reasons I rarely wear my first version of Vogue 1174 is the fact it makes me look completely flat. Not just not busty, but super flat. The foundation and boning is so stiff, it presses everything flat as a board. So it looks great from the front, but from the side – […]

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Sewing a Butted (or Abutted) Seam

Hey everyone! Today I’ll show you how to sew an Abutted (or Butted) seam in cotton batting. Why? Well, it’s a great way to sew flat seams in very thick or stiff fabrics, such as cotton batting! I’ve never sewn this type of seam before, even though I always knew it existed. To be honest […]

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