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More Coat Talk

Wow! All of the comments to yesterday’s post were really, really interesting to read. (So much that I didn’t get a proper post up for today! So I thought I’d continue the coat talk.) Many of you are hesistant to sew coats. Either for fear of getting it wrong, making something you aren’t absolutely in […]

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Making a Statement: Day Eight

So far, it’s been pretty easy working the Self-Stitched items into my daily outfits. My only complaint is that I have too many summer items and not enough fall! In theory, any summer dress becomes a fall dress with tights and boots, but I’m not completely convinced it will work for any and every dress! Anyways… […]

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Update on Top 10 List

Seeing as we’re halfway through the year, I thought I’d check up on my list of Top 10 Sewing Projects for 2010. I wrote this list when I first started blogging, and admit I forgot about it. Most of you recent readers will have no idea what I’m talking about, since I haven’t been mentioning […]

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