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Chocolate Cake Sweater

Finally, I’ve made something that counts as cake! (Remember this post? This has got to be one of my most linked-to posts ever! Cake and frosting, you guys liked this description, and why not, it sounds delicious…) Today we have the Chocolate Cake Sweater. Because this piece is Cake in its best form. Practical, wearable, […]

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Smart Cookie

Hey, everyone! Thought you might get a bit of a laugh at the fortune in my fortune cookie: Even fortune cookies somehow know that I sew too much frosting and not enough cake! How appropriate. (I think I love opening fortune cookies more than I like eating them. What it is about a message on […]

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Too Much Frosting, Not Enough Cake

I finally have a cute term to explain the problem with my wardrobe. There’s too much frosting and not enough cake! If you’ve seen the things I’ve sewn, you probably have already figured out what I mean by frosting and cake. Here are some examples of frosting: (simplicity 3965 – original post here) (mccalls 7743 […]

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