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I’ve been double-tagged!

Tag, I’m it! I’ve been tagged twice (is that even allowed?) in a game of Eight Questions, by the lovely Debi and Ali. It’s like a blog chain-letter, kind of, and maybe in 2 weeks I’ll receive 28 stickers from the first person on the list. Or something. Well, here goes, Sixteen Questions! Here are […]

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Sewaholic.net gets a makeover!

Hello readers! As you may have noticed, Sewaholic.net recently got a makeover. Welcome to my new and improved site, with a custom-designed logo by my lovely and talented sister. Thanks Sofia! My goal was to streamline the look of the site and make it more user-friendly. I loved the pink polka dots but wanted something […]

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Sewaholic is under construction

UPDATE: Sewaholic.net is under construction as I tackle the technology part of my blog this weekend. I’m making a few updates and changes, including a shiny new custom-designed logo! And while I’m quite confident in my sewing skills, I’m no IT master. If it disappears, never fear, I will be back! So to all my […]

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