Bring on the sunshine: Vogue 8185

I finished this tribal-print cotton dress just in time for my vacation using Vogue Patterns 8185. This pattern is now discontinued but still available on here.

I just barely had enough fabric for this design – in fact, I had to shorten one of the ruffles in order to make it fit. You can see the middle row of ruffles is slightly shorter than the other two, but with so much going on you probably didn’t notice!

That’s the delightful part about sewing with such a bold and distracting fabric. It distracts the viewer from any sewing flaws. And all the ruffles and tiers at the hemline swirl and sway when you walk, it’s almost impossible to walk normally in a dress like this.

I am also really happy with this because unlike most sundresses, it’s not a floral print. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good floral printed summer dress but this is a welcome alternative. With a pair of brown wooden wedges and a straw tote, I’m ready for warmer weather.

Which is excellent because today is my birthday (insert happy-birthday song here!!) and I’m off to Hawaii for vacation. I know, I’m super lucky! Stay tuned, if all goes as planned I will be bringing back fabrics from Hawaii…

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