Rate the Crescent Sew-Along!

Hello Sew-Alongers! Now that the Sew-Along has ended, I want to know: what did you think of the Crescent Sew-Along?

I want to make the sew-alongs better and better each time – that is, if you still want to keep sewing along with me! I’ve already had a few votes for a third sew-along so it looks like this feature is here to stay.

From the Pendrell Sew-Along feedback, I used a better fabric, with a less distracting print and a distinct right and wrong side. (Great suggestions, by the way!)

I tried hard to throw in some non-Sew-Along posts in between sewing steps, but even I would have liked more of a mix. Next time, I will be more prepared and sew something completely different at the same time! A couple of you wanted to sew something more complex together, so I may not have been able to answer this suggestion, but there will be more challenging patterns to sew together in the future!

I feel like I may have been slow, but there was so much information to cover! I’m a detailed person, and I know that several people were beginners and needed the thorough explanations. I may never be able to post at the perfect pace for everyone!

Unless I wrote all of the posts BEFORE the pattern was released, and you could refer to them whenever you wanted to sew. Fast people could go fast, busy people or beginners could sew when they had the time. Technically, we wouldn’t be sewing together but maybe that’s the best way to please everyone?

This time, what did you like? What could we do better next time? Please leave comments if you have suggestions or feedback!

PS. Yesterday’s dress is washed and ready to send to my sister in Ontario! Thanks for all of the feedback! I especially liked Lois’s comment: “You don’t need a good reason to “not like” something. Feelings don’t have to make sense.” So true! I also like Marie-Noelle‘s words of wisdom: “Life’s too short to bother with a dress you don’t feel comfortable with.” Absolutely! Time to pack it up, and make room for something else! And Ms.Modiste had a similar conclusion – that clothing should be a gut feeling. I’m a big fan of going with my gut and trusting my instincts – and my gut is saying that my sister will look fabulous in this dress!

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17 Responses to Rate the Crescent Sew-Along!

  1. julia June 21, 2011 at 7:06 am #

    The Crescent Skirt sew-along was perfect!!! It was way more than a sew-along, it was a real sewing course, I think. With your guidance I feel I could tackle anything, like dresses or pants or shirts…. none of which I have had the nerve to try yet. I am too afraid of not understanding the instructions.

  2. Alexandra June 21, 2011 at 7:39 am #

    I definitely think the Cresent sew-along was great! It’s really useful to have all those extra little tricks when you’re sewing that you just wouldn’t figure out on your own. I prefer the idea of having posts at intervals, since part of the attraction for me is knowing that I’m sewing the same thing at the same time as a lot of other people. (Although I still have to hem my skirt! Oops..)

  3. Rachel June 21, 2011 at 8:42 am #

    I didn’t find you in time to do the cresent skirt sew a long but as a general suggestion I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs don’t have enough pictures to help when they explain something. I’m a very visual person so if someone is trying to explain something to me I need to see how they do it. IDK if a quick video showing a technique would be something you could do. Or if it would be beneficial to anyone except me. But that’s just something I thought of.

  4. Tanit-Isis June 21, 2011 at 8:43 am #

    I didn’t do the sewalong as I don’t have the pattern (but I am super-excited about the new one, oh yes!), but I did read along. I like that you’re thorough and take your time. The people who are experienced and super-excited can always race through the pattern on their own—I think the sewalongs should target beginners and people who are looking to add some special touches—either way, taking your time is not a bad thing. I love that you’ve done sewalongs for each of your patterns so far, I think it’s a great way to get people engaged with your company and your new patterns, and then having the sewalongs available for anyone who wants to look them up after the fact.

    If it’s easier on you, you could certainly do up the posts ahead of time, but I do like the organic/back-and-forth feeling of knowing you’re sewing along with us. ;)

  5. Portia June 21, 2011 at 9:08 am #

    The pace was perfect for me as i can only squeeze sewing in in little blocks of time. So bitesize is great. Beautifully explained visually and verbally. I can’t think of a thing I’d change Tasia. It was brilliant.

  6. Ellen June 21, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    If all I had to do everyday was sew, then I would have found the pace tediously slow. However, I (like most people) have a busy life, and turns out it was perfect.

    Also, I’m an experienced sewist, but I learn something from every class, sew along or book I read, so please don’t underestimate their value to even non-beginners. My experience simply gave me the expertise to make 2 crescents (one before, and one during), and definitely have plans for more.

  7. Louise June 21, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

    I liked the small chunks in the sew along, sometimes I let a few posts go by and then I had a catch up session but other times I did each step as and when you posted. I followed the Pendrell sew along after the event and it was great to be able to go through all the posts in one go but it was good to have the regular postings on the crescent to make me commit to it. One thing which would be great is after a new post is made it would good to have a link from the previous stage so that when someone is coming along to sew along after the event they can progress through the posts in sequence rather than having to go back to the schedule page all the time. Does that make sense?!

  8. Sewingdina June 21, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Tasia – I loved the sew along. I treat it like a proper sewing class and so I read every post as they come up and before I start each bit. Your posts are wonderfully detailed and they have principles that we can carry onto other projects like the twill tape around the waist. The only bit I had a problem following the first time was the zipper! I think you had folded back your material which if you hadn’t done that it was hard to see what it was to look like. The post sizes are perfect and I like how you have them all in one place so that we can access them easier. I don’t think there is any need for you to sew something completely different at the same time. There was enough of a mix for those not following the sew a long.

  9. Nethwen June 21, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    I didn’t sew during the sew-a-long, but I did follow along and wish I was sewing with you. I learned things by reading the post and just finished a skirt using some of the new techniques. I think the pace was good and I liked the length of the posts. As a reader, I think the sew-a-long was perfect. Then again, you’re writing for people who are actually sewing along, so maybe they have better input.

  10. Dayl June 21, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    I ordered and made both the top and the skirt after you had posted the sew-along’s and I made use of both of them.

    I found the waistband details VERY helpful and I enjoyed going through all of the posts you had made. The ones I didn’t need, I still glanced at the see if there were any technique tips, and now that I have the zipper done, I’m likely to use that technique on future non-crescent skirts!


  11. Amy June 21, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    I was too late to join the Pendrell Sew-Along, so I can’t help with the comparison, but I enjoyed everything about this Sew-Along. I liked how you took us through the sewing in little baby steps. If I didn’t have time to sew one day, I could digest exactly what I was supposed to be doing and get right to it the next day while also having time to finish that day’s sewing as well. There were plenty of photos to show us the way, and you answered questions very frequently. If you had time to sew something else during the sew along, it might be nice for the variety, but it might also make me feel badly in comparison on days when I don’t even have enough time to get through the small daily bit of sewing in the Sew-Along. But, I wouldn’t turn away from those posts if you did sew other things during the Sew-Along. :)

  12. Kerry June 22, 2011 at 7:29 am #

    Hi Tasia, I found participating in the sewalong really helpful. I hardly looked at the pattern instructions at all! I prefer the ‘shorter and frequent’ approach to posting, which I think that you did, as this way people who want to keep doing a little at a time are kept happy and people who want to spend a lot more time in one go can wait for a few posts and then do them all. You photographs were great, really clear and made the steps really clear.
    I also liked the opportunity to try new techniques which are not necessary for the pattern but which might give a nicer finish (french seams) and I loved seeing the little techniques you have for doing things – like winding the thread round a pin before making the gathers.
    Thanks again for doing the sewalong, it was a great experience!

  13. Vicki Kate June 23, 2011 at 12:37 am #

    I didn’t sew along, but wish I did! I’ll certainly be using both the pendrell and crescent sewalong posts when I make those items.

    Reading along I thought the pace was good and the explanations really thorough. I’m not a newbie, but I’m not advanced either and I learnt a lot from the posts.

    I too like the idea of creating at the same time as everyone else, and I agree – you could do all the posts first and put them on an automatic upload schedule. One of the big things that took this above other sewalongs, in retrospect, was how you answered queries from previous posts and clarified points. This might be lost with auto-posts?

    A happy medium for you may be to draft them all with the photos and then review them before posting, so it gives you a little more breathing room and time to write other posts, but still keeps that interactive, responsive feel?

    So for my 2 pence worth (being a brit!) I’d rate your two sewalongs as some of the best out there.

    Vicki x

  14. Sewing Princess June 23, 2011 at 5:01 am #

    Tasia, I believe the sew-alongs are great. though I didn’t actually make the two items yet I have learned a lot. I now exclusively use your technique for attaching the bias binding and I have mentioned your sew-alongs as being better than those by Stitch magazine!
    Just a few minutes ago I spoke about your tutorial in a forum.

    So, like others have said it before me… your sew-alongs are like a course!

    thanks a million for all the energy and work you put into it.

  15. Rachel June 24, 2011 at 1:37 am #

    I thought the sewalong was great – the amount of detail you went into was amazing, and if anyone didn’t need the detail they could skim over it to the next bit.

    I think the only piece of constructive criticism of the sew-along was that the timeline was a bit vague – it would be nice to have a timeline of posts in advance – so that, for example, you could plan say “oh, by the weekend posts up to putting in the zip will be done, so i can plan some time on saturday and get that much done”. However, i also know that other things come up and disrupt things like time-lines and you seem like the kind of person who would really want to try and keep to a schedule if one was posted (and feel bad if you didn’t manage it), and get annoyed if you didn’t manage to.

  16. Tasia June 24, 2011 at 11:28 am #

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! @Rachel:, you’re absolutely right, I feel bad if I go off schedule! We did get a little off track with this last sew-along and I felt bad leaving you guys hanging. So you’re right, I would love to set the timeline in stone, and then stick to it! I’ll do my best to keep to the schedule and offer more details in advance. Thanks for the suggestions!

    @Sewing Princess: Thank you! I like sharing little bits of info as I go, because sometimes the tiniest little tip can make such a difference in your projects. So thank you for the feedback!

    @Vicki Kate: Don’t worry, I get emailed with every comment (unless it mysteriously goes to spam) so I can always catch up on past posts! As long as I’m on top of my email I will always be able to answer your questions. Thanks for offering your two pence! :)

    @Kerry: Thanks Kerry! I also prefer the ‘shorter and more frequent’ approach, as it’s easier to refer to the posts later, or tell people ‘read this one if you’re stuck!’

    @Amy: Oh, don’t feel badly if you compare your amount of sewing to me! I can sew all day if I felt like it, that’s the delightful part of what I do for work. I used to compare myself to people who didn’t work and got to sew all day and thought I should have more of a sewing output. Don’t worry about what other people are doing! :) I won’t force myself to sew another thing at the same thing, but I may put a few other sewing-type posts in the middle of the sew-along just for variety.

    @Dayl: Awesome! I’m glad to see people use the posts even after the sew-along is over. You’re right, there are always new techniques to apply to other projects!

    @Nethwen: That’s awesome that you learned new things, even if you weren’t sewing along! Thanks for leaving your feedback too!

    @Sewingdina: Thanks for the feedback! I know, the zipper part is tricky and SO unusual compared to normal sewing methods! I tried to put in lots and lots of photos to help explain it. The next pattern doesn’t have anything tricky in it!

    @Louise: This is a GREAT idea! A link to the next post would be super helpful – then you could flip forward or backward as needed! I think that would be awesome to have even for writing the sewalong posts :)

    @Ellen: Great! I know, everyone has different amounts of free time to sew, so it’s hard to make it perfect. That’s awesome that you made up two skirts during the sew-along!

    @Portia: Thank you!!

    @Tanit-Isis: Thanks for the feedback! You’re right, there’s something fun about knowing we’re all sewing at the same time, even me. I like having the opportunity to explain everything to you guys, so no one is left alone and confused at home. :)

    @Rachel: I would love to do video! That’s something I want to learn and experiment with in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Alexandra: Thanks! I love the little tricks. That’s why I write as-I-sew, so I remember to mention them all.

    @julia: Thank you! Don’t worry, we’ll do dresses and pants and shirts soon, with more new patterns! Lots of opportunities to learn. :)

  17. Catholic Bibliophagist August 16, 2011 at 3:46 am #

    I loved this sew-along and found it a very useful supplement to the pattern instructions. It was very well photographed. I found it especially helpful when it was time to put in the zipper. (I liked your new zipper technique and will use it again.) I plan to make more Crescent Skirts. I like wearing mine to work. I lengthened it because I have to squat down a lot to reach books on the bottom shelves. (I’m a library aide.)