Poll Results: Make Something, And Show Me How!

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and comments on last week’s post, What Do You Like Best About Sewing Blogs? I read every single comment and enjoyed every one of them!

What I loved most was the realization that everyone’s reading for different reasons. Whether it’s seeking inspiration, connecting with other people who sew, or searching out the answer to a very specific sewing problem, we may read the same posts but take something different away from it! If you’ve been in a slump, seeing a gorgeous-but-simple-to-make project might get you back in front of the sewing machine again. The same post might inspire someone else to try sewing the same pattern, or use a similar fabric. And another person might have finally found the solution to hemming that tricky fabric they’ve been working on!

Want to know the results of last week’s poll? In case you saw the poll early on, and wondered what happened afterwards, here’s a re-cap.

(here’s also a dark rainbow, so this post has a picture! Pretty, isn’t it? I like the floating rectangle in the sky, a reflection of the overhead light in here)

Finished Projects. You guys want to see other people making stuff! I understand that, of course. I love seeing finished projects! 83% of people who responded to the poll said they’d like to see finished projects on sewing blogs.

Tutorials, Tips and How-To Posts. You like to learn new things, too! 86% of readers like to read tutorial posts. For most of the day, these two topics were tied! I think people would vote for both at once, that’s why.

I am surprised that many people want to see work in progress. 44% of you would like to see WIP posts, especially if there’s notes about decisions made or problems encountered. At this stage of a project, this is when the notes and thoughts are fresh in our mind, so it’s a good time to note them down and blog them if we blog. I know that mid-project, I’m thinking all kinds of thoughts about what I want to try next time, or if there’s a great finishing technique, or a surprising construction method. Once the project is done, most of those thoughts seem to vanish from my mind and all I see is the finished product.

Q&A posts and Inspiration posts are interesting, but not your favourite. Many of you commented that all of these things are great in moderation, but if someone started writing nothing but inspiration posts, it would get dull. (And predictable!)

Behind the Scenes: you guys would like to see more! 46% of you want to know what happens here at Sewaholic Patterns home base, besides the things I post about already. I’m flattered really, and I hope that if I do share more on the design process, or running the business, that it won’t bore the rest of you who are really only interested in sewing stuff.

Last Place, Life Stories. Only 30% of readers want to hear about our everyday lives. I think that way less than 30% of my blog content focuses on my life. One or two posts about bicycles, vacations and other life events are in the mix, but it’s definitely not my focus.

So I’ve summed it up with these words: make something, and show me how! Because that’s basically what we want to see on sewing blogs: sewing. Sewing in action, and the results of sewing, both good and bad.

Here’s a link to the poll if you are interested. Are you surprised by these results or do they seem logical to you?

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8 Responses to Poll Results: Make Something, And Show Me How!

  1. Bri December 11, 2012 at 6:23 am #

    Yes I enjoy seeing WIP posts too, and I like posting my WIP too! It also helps me follow through on finishing it up instead of having too many projects on the go!

  2. indigorchid December 11, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    I think I’m pretty representative – those results matched closely to how I answered the polls! And P.S. Even if the “life-posts” was in last place with 30% doesn’t mean we don’t want to see any! I think the balance of life vs. sewing you’ve had in the past is a good one.

  3. Mary in FL December 11, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

    I share my WIPs, and finished items, too! I’m also slowly filling up my Tutorials page.

  4. Kathryn December 11, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    The results you’ve summarised definitely reflect why I read blogs, and the sorts of things I aim to talk about on my blog! I love to see finished projects, and the how to – I’ve already gained so many ideas and new techniques from reading your posts over the last few months – I just wish I had time to sew more!
    I am really interested in the pattern production side of things, for developing patterns for myself, or maybe branching into producing patterns in the future to sell. I find your leap into starting an independent pattern company so inspiring and motivating, and would love to hear more about it!

  5. Corinne December 11, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    I read several types of blogs. Sewing and knitting, of course, decor and inspiration. I did read political commentary for a while but started to feel suicidal so I stopped! There is so much information about so many things that I have certainly narrowed my focus over the last few months. This blog is special because even if the post is WIP, process or finished product, it is clearly you. Most bloggers have a personality that comes across in the posts, the format and the content. They are very personal. I think your mix is a very good and balanced one. I think that your poll is typical of the mix for most sewers. Keep up the great work.

  6. Nikki December 11, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    I noticed when I did the poll that not many people clicked “life events”, but I think if they really thought about, they’d agree that a few of those posts here and and there make a blogger seem more like a friend. That’s how I feel anyway :)

  7. Erika December 12, 2012 at 12:11 am #

    This was a really interesting poll, good for all of us to take home and ponder on =)
    I was a bit surprised by how low the interest is for Life Stories! For me, a blog becomes interesting when there’s a mix of things. I’ve found myself quickly loosing interest when there’s nothing personal about a blog, no matter how pretty the finished objects are. If there’s really great tutorials, then I might follow it anyway, but I won’t commit to reading it.

    After all, the blogosphere is a place where we meet regardless of geography, age, experience and all those things that get’s in the way of meeting people in real life. How much fun would that be if it was all in-personal notes on thechniques and pretty pictures of finished projects? It’s the person behind the posts, and the personality that shines through, that keeps us coming back to read more.
    At least, it’s why I keep coming back =)

  8. CJ December 12, 2012 at 3:31 am #

    I find the blogs (and Sewaholic in particular) really inspiring. For example, I’ve been knitting a lot recently (mostly Christmas bobble hats for nieces and nephews) and spotted the new jacket design (LOVELY; I’ve been mourning an old jacket that I gave away by mistake and this is the perfect antidote to my loss!) so have decided to a) make the jacket in the springtime (too chilly in London to be thinking jackets) and b) to get back to the sewing machine and make something for … me. Selfish, but we can’t just make things for other people and they only really want hats and scarves which are not technically interesting to make but do mean my lovely Fair Isle mittens have been put on hold. Blogland is inspiring in so many ways – and it’s such a wonderful feeling to be part of a community of like minded souls, especially for those of us whose friends are not maker types.