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Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you’re having a fun and productive weekend so far, especially the Sew-Alongers! I enjoyed all of the cape-love on Friday, and was thrilled to hear from so many cape-fans out there. So what if it’s not the most serious or practical piece of outerwear? It’s going to be great fun to […]

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Next up: Vintage Tartan Cape

I’ve decided that my next vintage project is going to be the cape! I’ve been lusting after a cape for a while now, so I was thrilled that one of the patterns in the package from Veronica was a cape. (And matching skirt and jacket, too!) In between Pendrell Sew-Along posts, I’m going to work […]

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Pendrell Sew-Along #9: Checking In

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I wanted to check in and see how everyone’s doing so far with the Pendrell Blouse Sew-Along. How are you doing? Are you finished cutting your fabric, and ready to start sewing this week? If your fabric is cut and marked, then you’re good to start sewing! You’ll need matching […]

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