Me-Made-June: Jumping In!

Hey everyone! I’ll be checking in on the Sew-Along group and putting together a Pre-Sewing Checklist tomorrow, so I thought I’d talk about something else today – an upcoming challenge! Our favourite fearless leader of the Me-Made revolution is at it again! This time, it’s alliteration-free, somewhat. Me-Made-June is the next challenge to wear, show […]

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Crescent Sew-Along #9: Fitting the Muslin

Hey everyone! I was hoping to get this post up Monday afternoon but it took longer than expected. Better late than never! Let’s get that muslin fitted and make our changes, so we can get to the good part – sewing our real skirts! Here’s the rundown of previous Sew-Along posts for reference: Crescent Sew-Along […]

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Crescent Sew-Along #8: Grading It Up

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Today’s Sew-Along step is courtesy of the lovely Patty in Minnesota, who blogs at The Snug Bug! Patty’s put together a very detailed explanation of how she graded up the Crescent Skirt. In the case that your measurements are not on the size chart, and […]

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Crescent Sew-Along #6: Making the Muslin, Part 1

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! I’m back with another Sew-Along post. If you’ve cut your muslin, and machine-stitched your seamlines, you’re all caught up! Today we’re going to take those muslin pieces and get them closer to something we can try on. Isn’t that a great moment in the sewing process, the point at which […]

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