Lonsdale Sew-Along #7: Sewing the Bodice Layers Together

How’s everyone doing? Sew-alongers, and everyone else? If you’re sewing along, how are things going for you? If you’re not sewing along, how is your summer so far? Today we’ll do another bite-size sewing step – sewing the bodice layers together. Need to catch up? Here are links to earlier sew-along posts: Lonsdale Sew-Along #1: […]

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Underlining the Lonsdale Dress

For the Lonsdale Sew-Along, you may want to underline or line your dress! Especially if you’re using a lovely, soft sheer fabric and don’t want to see the print through both layers of the bodice, or want a little coverage through the skirt. If your fabric is a light colour, even if it’s not lightweight, […]

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Lonsdale Sew-Along #5: Sewing the Bodice

Happy B.C. Day! Today we get to start sewing. I’m enjoying the day off, but I’ve prepared the first sewing post in advance for today. We’ll start at the top of our dress, sewing the bodice pieces first. As requested by many of you who have limited time to sew, or only get short periods […]

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Cutting Fabric Using a Crosswise Fold Layout

What’s a crosswise fold layout? All it means is that you’re folding the fabric width-wise instead of lengthwise. Instead of folding your fabric selvedges together forming a long narrow fold, you’re folding your fabric raw-edges together, forming a wider, shorter piece. Why would you need to use a crosswise fold layout? When you’re using really […]

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Straightening the Ends of Your Fabric

Ever buy a length of fabric, fold it in half, only to find that the ends are way off grain? Sometimes one end will be inches shorter than the other! Do the fabric stores in your area cut or tear your fabric? I prefer when they tear it rather than cut it, so that the […]

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