Seam Finishes: Turned and Stitched

Earlier today, I did a turned-and-stitched seam finish on my Lonsdale Dress. I’ll show you how I did it, breaking it down step-by-step with photos. This is a really tidy seam finish for stable fabrics like cotton. If your fabric presses well and holds a crease, this is a good solution for finishing the edges! […]

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Lonsdale Sew-Along #12: Sewing the Skirt

One step closer! This dress is really fast to sew. Once you’ve made it once, you’ll be able to whip up another one in no time! Today we’ll sew the skirt. I’m sewing this dress without a serger again, just like I did with the Crescent sew-along. If you have a serger, feel free to […]

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Lonsdale Sew-Along #11: Sewing the Pockets

Pocket time! These pockets will look really familiar if you made the Crescent Skirt, or if you followed the Crescent Sew-Along. The construction is the same although the pocket shape is slightly different. (Click here to read the pocket sewing steps from the Crescent Sew-Along!) Today we’ll construct the whole pocket, and repeat for the […]

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Lonsdale Sew-Along #10: Attaching the Waistband

Happy Sunday! We’re sewing up a storm this weekend. Lots of Sew-Along posts! How’s the pace for everyone? Are you keeping up, or slowing down? Today we’ll take the bodice we finished yesterday, and sew the waistbands to the bodice. To give you an idea of what’s next, we’ll then make up the skirt, attach […]

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Lonsdale Sew-Along #9: Understitching the Bodice

Happy Saturday, everyone! I’m not working today, but I scheduled a post so that we could keep to the original Sew-Along schedule. And so you can wear your finished dresses sooner! Today we’ll understitch the bodice, and turn it right-side out. We’ll baste the lower edges together and get the bodice ready for attaching the […]

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