Crescent Sew-Along #15: Sewing French Seams

Hello Sew-Alongers! Time for another sewing step on our Crescent Skirts. After gathering the skirt front and back, there’s just one more step before we can move on to our waistbands. Today we’ll take our Skirt Front and attach it to the Skirt Back pieces. I’ll show you how to sew up the sideseams and […]

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It’s Skirt Month at Sewtropolis!

Hey everyone, it’s Skirt Month! At least it is at Sewtropolis, the latest retailer to start stocking Sewaholic Patterns. It’s been skirt month around here, too, with our Crescent Skirt Sew-Along! So let’s go with it. May is unofficially Skirt Month! You may know Patty from her blog The Snug Bug, did you know she […]

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Crescent Sew-Along #14: Gathering!

Hi everyone! I’m back with another bite-sized Sew-Along update. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far! I scheduled this post, but I am probably in the office as you read it. Does anyone else feel like there is just so much sewing to do, and so little time? After reinforcing the centre front, we’ll […]

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Sewing for the Rain

You may already know I live in rainy Vancouver. On the  wet coast West Coast. I’m sure there is some statistic on the number of rainy days per year, and it’s not a small amount! I’ve started riding my bike to work, which is awesome! I get to work refreshed, wide awake and pumped to […]

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Crescent Sew-Along #12: Sewing Slash Pockets

Hi everyone! Today, we’re going to start sewing! The first step is to sew the pockets in our Crescent Skirts. These type of pockets are called slash pockets. I love this type of pocket construction! It’s simple, it’s easy to get good results, and it makes a comfortable pocket. Plus, it’s easy to make them […]

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