Molly’s Minoru Jacket

When I developed the Minoru Jacket pattern, one of the best decisions I made this time around was to improve the testing process. This time, I had nearly twenty pattern testers, all making different sizes, living in different parts of the world, and using different types of fabric. I sent them the pattern, they sewed it up, and told me what I could do to make it a better product, easier to sew or understand, and whether they liked the design.

It was such a great decision! The feedback I got was invaluable. Yes, it took longer to get the pattern finalized and out to print, but it felt well worth it. Some people contacted me frequently throughout the testing period, some waited until the end to turn in their surveys on the pattern. All in all, it was incredibly helpful and I believe that having a better testing process makes this pattern the best yet!

You may know Molly, from Molly’s Sewing and Garage Sale Adventures? (She made a lovely yellow seersucker Pendrell Blouse earlier this year!) Molly was a pattern tester, and just posted photos of her finished jacket on her blog this week – take a look!

Click the image above to check out Molly’s blog and her comments on the Minoru Jacket! With every new pattern release, the most exciting part is seeing everyone’s finished projects! I love seeing what kind of fabrics people choose, the colour combinations they put together, and how they wear the finished garment. How cute is Molly’s dog-walking outfit? I love the plaid lining!

Thanks, Molly, for being a pattern tester! Stay tuned for more on the Minoru jacket pattern and the upcoming sew-along!

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10 Responses to Molly’s Minoru Jacket

  1. Jenny November 3, 2011 at 6:41 am #

    Oh my! It’s gorgeous! I look forward to seeing even more examples :-) It really suits Molly too x x x

  2. Clare November 3, 2011 at 8:18 am #

    This is a GREAT jacket pattern. Brilliant job by you and Molly’s jacket is gorgeous. Pretty sure I’m going to be making this…

  3. kirsty November 3, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    Wow ! Molly made a fabulous job of an awesome jacket ! :-)

  4. indigorchid November 3, 2011 at 10:49 am #

    It looks great! I can’t wait to sew my own!

  5. Ginger November 3, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

    Wow, that’s so cute! What a great job!

  6. Shelly November 3, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    Wow, I love this jacket! Can’t wait to make one for myself.

  7. Ellie November 5, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

    Everytime I see this jacket, I love it even more !!!!

  8. elena November 7, 2011 at 12:39 am #

    Can’t wait to get the pattern and start the sew along! I’ve seen te finished project by Novita (verypurpleperson) and I felt in love immediately :)
    Regards from Barcelona

  9. Sue November 7, 2011 at 12:58 am #

    Hi!!! What an amazing jacket. very feminine and very practical at the same time.
    I can’t wait to make my own Minoru jacket. I’m looking for a fabric already.

  10. Debbie December 2, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    Very nice! I can’t wait to make one. I have the pattern but am waiting for the sew along in January. The hardest part will be to decide what colour to make it!!